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Negative Body Talk

We’ve all engaged in it. We’ve all heard it. Aren’t you sick of it yet??? 

Negative body talk can be addictive. One day you aren’t happy about your arms, the next it’s your stomach, it never ends. Then you talk to your BFF about it and she starts pointing out aspects of herself she isn’t happy with. And the cycle continues. Guys do this as well, not just girls, it just may sound a little different. He wants body parts to be bigger, she wants them smaller. Blah Blah Blah. Why do we join in this social demoralization of ourselves? Is it a way to feel a bond between friends based on unhappiness? What kind of bond or relationship benefits from unhappiness?

I choose to disengage from this kind of talk. I want to support and encourage my friends, not aid in their negative body image by adding to my own. I realize my body isn’t perfect and it never will be so why waste time and energy staring in a mirror and dwelling on an extra bump here or there. I can make that time and energy more worth while by setting and accomplishing realistic performance goals in the gym, the studio, or on the playing field. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to tone up or lose inches but by only seeing the negative in yourself, you don’t allow for the positives to show through and you are furthering someone else’s negative thoughts as well.

Won’t you join me in loving our bodies and bolstering our positive outlooks against all the negative unreachable images created by our media? Build yourself and your friends up! Keep reaching for the stars while realizing you are already shining right where you are! Change the outlooks in your circle of influence and set a positive wave into effect!

If you can’t seem to disengage these thoughts, then its time to dig deeper. What are you really unhappy with? Why is your body the scapegoat for the dissatisfied feelings? What steps can you take to start loving your body? Try a manicure/pedicure, wearing a cute outfit, getting a cute haircut, etc. Once you are able to identify the real problem which is most likely not your actual body, then you need to address it! Take steps to rectify your unhappiness, don’t just keep shoving it aside. Make a game plan to improving your situation, and if you need to, enlist some help. Theres no need to continue life with a negative mindset.

What are your experiences with negative body talk? To you join in with friends, pointing out what your dissatisfied with? How do you think things would change if instead you pointed out things you love about yourself instead of things you hate?