Welcome to The Holistic Home! A place to consider the influences, both internal and external that mold our homes.

ho·lis·tic (hōˈlistik) adjective

characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

This site is a way for me to share my thoughts on building a home in this crazy world. Our home is first and foremost Christ-centered so that has a way of weaving into many of my posts. I am also very passionate about our country’s food system, availability, and literacy (really a lack of literacy). I am not pro any specific diet, only for whole clean food in portions and ratios that work for your body (mine prefers an ancestral eating approach, I have friends who thrive fully vegan, it truly changes person to person). I am against chemicals and the processed nonsense that passes for food all too often. I will apologize ahead of time for the wordy posts and overall lack of pictures, my photographs can be seen at http://www.carleencuevas.com

I consider a wide range of topics with relation to our family and home while keeping an eye on the big picture. I want this site to be both hopeful and inspirational, but also realistic and level-headed. I also want to provide resources and products for other women out there who are trying to live a Christ-centered, healthy, intentional life.

Even if you aren’t a mom or wife yet, there will still be plenty of great information for planning, cooking, and creating an atmosphere of love and warmth in your home. There is so little importance placed on homemaking in our society, yet it is one of the most important tools in shaping the future. And I’m not only speaking about shaping our childrens’ future, but anyone who enters your home, your heart, your life. The span of our reach spreads much, much further than we can ever fully realize.


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