Social Media

So last week I didn’t write a post. Want to know why? Honestly, I didn’t have anything to say.

I think most of social media and blogs out there are a lot of noise. And as much as I love to devour information on the web, it can easily become overwhelming and I’ve found myself at the end of an hour of clicking through article after article without much gained. I don’t want this blog to be like that. I don’t want to write articles just to keep visitor stats rising even though it may be fluff and unnecessary. If I don’t feel moved to write about a specific topic that week, well, there just won’t be a post. Some weeks I may have three topics I feel pressed to share about, others I may skip posting all together. We’ll see how this method turns out šŸ˜‰


Anyways, along those lines, I thought I’d take a harder look at the way I use social media. I’ve seen a few of my friends post about My Social BookĀ this past week and I love the idea! I made a mock one for our family this past year and here were my thoughts. (This is specifically geared towards Facebook since that is the social media avenue that My Social Book uses to create the book.)

Cutting Back, Keeping Quality

With default settings and picture albums included, ours was over the print limit of 500 pages. So I decided to check the sample and see what I should cut.Ā This led me to reconsider quite a few of my own statuses. Why am I blabbering on about some of the things I did or thought? Who cares that I did chores that day, I mean, seriously?! No one.

As I sifted through and got the good stuff only on the pages, I started to really love what I was seeing! This opened my eyes to what an amazing tool Facebook could be in actually chronicling our lives and the ease of having it printed out at the end of the year is very inviting. ButĀ I need to cut back quite a bit on the day to day statuses and start using that T.H.I.N.K acronym that’s been floating around. I’ll be more intentional of considering is this post…






Friend FiltrationĀ 

Ā As I consider sharing more of our lives on Facebook, I have to alternately reconsider many of the people who have access to my page. So over the next week I will be weeding out quite a few “friends” to make sure I know and trust those who have a peek into our lives. I’ll alsoĀ be filtering my friends list into acquaintances and friends. There are plenty of people who I know and trust and who I don’t mind allowing a peek into our lives. As Christians we are supposed to be the light unto the world, and I think when done right, social media is just another way for others to get to know us and see Him in us.

However, they don’t need to see every little thing. I’m mostly thinking of pictures of my kids here. Not so much for safety sake, although that is a part of it, but also for respect of my children’s privacy. Someday they may not appreciate all of our close friends and even acquaintances knowing what they looked like in the bathtub or when they spilled flour everywhere over the kitchen and we built sand castles in it. The people who make it through to my close friends list will be ones that would have frequented our home enough or whom I talk to enough that would know these details even if they were only pictures hidden in a scrapbook some where.


I think that’s a great metaphor for what I want to start using my Facebook for. A scrapbook. Something that I take consideration to what I put in it, but don’t worry that too many people will see or judge it unless I give them permission to take a peek. I’ll still share the “picture on the wall” type shots, statuses, etc with everyone, but I’m becoming more aware of where my boundaries need to be set, not only for the good of our family, but to stop adding noise to other people’s lives who may not appreciate it.

As for other aspects of social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, I’m still figuring out how best to interact with them since they are all very public. What are your thoughts on social media and how we can make the most out of our interaction with it?Ā 


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